All the single ladies…

A recent Youtube video, ‘Single Ladies Devastation‘, features singer/songwriter/pastor Carlos Whittaker and his family singing along to Beyonce’s hit single.  The video has gone viral because of their son’s unique reaction to the song.  This Atlanta-based family adopted Losiah three years ago from South Korea.  Carlos and his wife, Heather, admit to being avid bloggers who always have a camera in hand.  The family was even featured on CBS’s The Early Show:

This video can be seen as a helpful lesson in parenting, or as clean and simple entertainment. Either way, it has been an undeniable hit with the YouTube-viewing public, scoring almost 3 million views in three weeks.

The Whittakers are hoping that the publicity their video has gained will also bring the issue of adoption to the forefront. As Carlos says in the interview, “…if we can have Beyonce’s Single Ladies help that, then by all means.” At a time when international adoption is surrounded by controversy, Losiah and his family definitely help to cast a positive light on the issue, and represent just one of the many success stories in the world today. To learn more about Losiah’s adoption, you can visit Carlos’s blog—or you can just take his word on it:

“As an adoptive parent you think you are going to change a child’s life, but he definitely has changed our life for the better.”

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