“Connect, connect, connect.”

CCAI Foster Youth Interns met Thursday with respected leaders in various fields for an opportunity to learn the value of networking. Speechwriters, business leaders and non-profit organizers offered advice on the importance of making connections and the necessity of being kind to everyone you encounter in the workforce.

2010 FYI Nicole Marchman said, “With the desire to transition into a permanent job in DC, the networking allowed me to pin point where I would love to work and further my career in policy for foster care, adoption issues.”

“Networking is one of the most important things you can do,” FYI Jeremy Long said.

“To hear it coming from high-level professionals reconfirms the importance of creating and maintaining relationships with everyone you meet. You never know, the mail clerk may be the next president. Connect, connect, connect,” Long said

Interns also swapped business cards with these leaders, many of whom are currently involved with child advocacy. “After meeting with Foster Care Alumni I became interested in re-establish a Florida chapter,” Marchman said.

In addition to a Congressional internship, CCAI’s seeks to give interns a real-world experience complete with professional training. The networking luncheon was established to provide that training through networking with a diverse group of leaders and firsthand motivation from professionals.