foster youth internship opportunity

To highlight that CCAI is accepting applications for our 2011 Foster Youth Internship program now through January 7th, I wanted to share a quick video clip and update from Nicole, one of our 2010 FYIs.

During the program, Nicole shared that she faced many barriers while in foster care, such as lack of educational stability, which as a result led to her dropping out of high school, though she later earned her GED.  She lost contact with her sisters because of the lack of sibling rights that exist.  In addition, she was never taught basic life skills, such as how to cook.  These barriers and recommendations for ways the system can address them was included in the 2010 FYI Policy Report that was distributed to policymakers and advocates across the country.

Nicole was an exceptional FYI intern while spending the summer in DC, and was offered a permanent position with her placement where she continues to work today.  Just recently, she was featured on Ms. E HeartLady’s talk radio show to discuss her experiences in foster care.  Here at CCAI, we are proud to call Nicole a former FYI intern, and are excited to see where her experience and passion will take her in the future!

If you know of any former foster youth who may be interested in this program, please encourage them to visit or contact CCAI.

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