The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) is a non-profit organization that works to raise awareness about the needs of children without families and to remove policy barriers that hinder children from knowing the love and support a family provides. CCAI is unique in that each of our programs brings together policymakers and individuals with direct foster care or adoption experience. We have found that when policymakers hear direct experiences of those affected by orphan and child welfare policy, they become engaged in this issue and work to bring about legislative improvements in an effort to ensure each child has their right to a family realized.

CCAI was founded in 2001 by advocates of the world’s orphaned and foster youth. In founding CCAI, these advocates sought to match the commitment of members of Congress’ Adoption Caucus, the Congressional Coalition on Adoption, with the information and resources needed to make the dream of a family a reality for every child.

Our goals are to educate policymakers on issues related to adoption and foster care in an effort to remove policy barriers that hinder children from finding families. Realizing that policymakers have the power to overcome such barriers, CCAI aims to coordinate efforts to bring about change to foster care and adoption, while creating opportunities for awareness-building and information-sharing among U.S. and world officials.

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  1. Hello:

    I am working on a story involving Guatemala adoption and I am looking for a Guatemalan mother who is willing to share her experience of having her children adopted and taken to another country like the US. Im specifically interested in mother’s whose children were kidnapped and put up for adoption.

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