CCAI Salutes Adoptive Mom Laura Ingraham and Children Adopted from Russia for Speaking Out in a New Video Urging Putin to Adopt a New Attitude

Today, TV personality Laura Ingraham, who has three adopted children, released a video and related campaign to speak directly to Vladamir Putin about his country’s senseless ban on international adoptions by Americans. In addition to creating and posting the video, Ingraham called on all those who support adoption as a worthy and effective way to find homes for children who desperately need them to use it to spread the message. “Help us raise awareness about the wonders of adoption, so that we may better respond to the desperate needs of innocent children. [T]his focus on Russian orphans is the first of many efforts we will be spearheading to promote both domestic and international adoptions. More than anything abandoned children want to be with caring families who love and care for them,” said Ingraham.

This is not the first time Ingraham has lent her talents to the cause of adoption. She served as the Master of Ceremonies at CCAI’s 13th Annual Angels in Adoption Gala and featured Both Ends Burning’s Award Winning Movie “Stuck” twice on her show.

And of course, a big salute to the adopted children who participated in the making of the film. At CCAI, we believe that the most powerful voice is the voice of the child!