WASHINGTON, D.C., December 22, 2020 – Last night, Congress passed a $900 billion pandemic relief package which included the Supporting Foster Youth and Families through the Pandemic Act (H.R. 7947), introduced by Adoption Caucus member and Ways & Means Worker & Family Support Subcommittee Chairman Danny Davis (D-IL) and Ranking Member Jackie Walorski (R-IN). This legislation addresses the many urgent and unique needs of vulnerable children and youth who encounter the U.S. foster care system by providing targeted and temporary relief during the pandemic.

Key provisions include:

  • Places a national moratorium on youth aging out of foster care during the pandemic;
  • Allows re-entry into foster care up to age 22;
  • Increases Chafee funds by $400 million to meet the urgent and unique needs;
  • Expands Chafee eligibility through age 26;
  • Increases Education & Training Vouchers (ETVs) from $5,000 to $12,000 per person per year;
  • Waives extended foster care work and school requirements; and
  • Lifts the 30% Chafee housing cap for youth who have aged out.

While the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) does not lobby for or against or endorse individual bills, we are very committed to bringing objective, accurate information to Members of Congress and their constituents on all issues related to federal foster care, adoption, and child welfare policy.

CCAI would like to thank Chairman Davis, Ranking Member Walorski, the bipartisan group of cosponsors, and child welfare advocates for championing this important relief for young people who have been hit hard by the pandemic. CCAI’s 2020 Foster Youth Internship Program® class met with these members this summer and shared their special COVID relief report and recommendations.


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