Adoption! adoption! read all about it

This week, several news stories about adoption have appeared, from new celebrities showing an interest in adoption to a couple using a billboard to express their interest in becoming adoptive parents.  From North Carolina courts voiding an adoption by one of their lesbian state senators to a new Michigan law ensuring relatives are given special consideration when placing children who are in foster care.

While I could spend time commenting on any one of these unique stories, it’s this video that I’d rather draw your attention to:

This video was shared by Forever Family, whose founder Gia Tutalo-Mote was a 2009 Angel in Adoption.

It serves as a simple reminder that until each child has just that, a forever family, our work is not done.  Thank you all for your partnership and support of this past year.  We’re looking forward to continuing to be a voice for the world’s orphans in 2011, and hopefully celebrating new victories in our fight to ensure each child has a loving home and bright future.