TV star Willie Garson premiers adoption PSA

In an interview with Willie Garson, actor and star of USA Network’s White Collar, Garson talks about his character, Mozzie, who the show revealed last night was in foster care as a child.  Garson used this opportunity to talk about his son Nathen who he adopted from California’s foster care system.  The interview focuses on his experience adopting and the adjustment period.  Garson talks about using his celebrity to bring awareness to this issue and correct misconceptions in hopes of finding loving families for children in foster care.

“You know there’s a lot of kids out there, especially, I think, more so in this economy, there’s a lot of kids out there that for some reason that their parents are not able to take care of them, and there’s people who can take care of them, and they should be aware of that. […]  There’s nothing more satisfying then sharing a life with a child, nothing more satisfying. I get much more out of it than anything I give out.”