CCAI Angels in Adoption: Meet Darriel and Jessica Steedman

CCAI’s Angels in Adoption™ Program provides Members of Congress the opportunity to honor an individual, couple, or organization from their district that have made an extraordinary contribution on behalf of children in need of homes. The Angels in Adoption™ travel to Washington D.C. to participate in three days of events all designed to train them to use their personal experiences to affect change and to celebrate their hard work and dedication to adoption and foster care issues. The events include the Adoption and Foster Care Advocacy Fair, tours of DC and networking events, an award ceremony, legislative seminar and an opportunity to visit Congressional offices to share how adoption has affected their lives. 

This year, on September 12, CCAI will recognize actress Katherine Heigl, singer-songwriter Josh Kelley, and PEOPLE Magazine as the 2012 National Angels in Adoption™ for their dedication and commitment to adoption and foster care issues. They will be honored, along with local Angels in Adoption™ selected by 143 Members of Congress, at CCAI’s 14th annual awards gala in Washington, DC.

Over the next couple of days, we will be highlighting some of our Angels in Adoption Angels in Adoption™. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Angels Darriel and Jessica Steedman.

Many people experience “empty nest” syndrome, but Darriel and Jessica Steedman, along with their youngest son Holden, decided instead to fill up their nest. Already registered foster parents, they had helped many children as their four older children grew up and moved out on their own.

In 2005, Darriel and Jessica brought home Stevie, Holden’s new little sister.  Soon the Steedmans made room for baby twin brothers, Joseph and Jesse, who shared a biological mother with Stevie. In 2007, they adopted another new baby, Cody, followed, in 2012, by two-year-old Bella.

Holden, who had once been the youngest of five children, is now a loving older brother to five little siblings. As Jessica says, “We never intended to adopt so many, but we just fell in love with each and every one of them. It’s a running joke – we say we’re done, but our friends don’t believe us!”

Darriel, a Navy veteran who spent two years as a child at the Lena Pope Home in Texas, feels a strong urge to “give back,” along with his wife, Jessica, and to provide a safe and loving home for their children.


The Steedman children


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