Down by the lake, where the watermelons grow…

This past weekend, CCAI and our FYIs packed up and headed to Deep Creek Lake for a retreat outside of the city.  One of CCAI’s board members graciously opened their weekend home, and we could not have been more grateful for this opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle and the 100 degree weather of DC!  I can say without a doubt that I haven’t seen the interns have this much fun all summer–must be something about flying across the water on the back of a jet ski or bumping along the wake while tubing.  Whatever it was, it was the perfect recipe for fun!  At the close of the second night our host gave us a moon lit boat tour of the lake with a stop at the local creamery.  The interns left rejuvenated (and very sore from all the water sports) to return to DC and finish drafting their policy report.

Here are some pictures from this weekend:

The group in front of the house
Latasha and Sam
Jeremy, Nicole, and Chelsea taking a breather while tubing
The group not ready to leave