Happy National Adoption Day!

Today, thousands of children will legally become a part of a family.  They will walk out of courtrooms across the country with an incredible smile on their faces and the security that comes from knowing when they go ‘home’ tonight, it will be for good.  Today, they will finally be able to say they are someone’s son or daughter.

Chris, 8 years old, was adopted during a National Adoption Day ceremony this year and read a letter during the event, “When I first saw you, I thought you were my mommy. You acted like a mommy and you treated me like you were my mommy. And one day, it’s happening. I feel like my heart was pounding. When I moved away, I was sad every time I moved. I am happy now. I love you, because I have you mom.”

Photo credit: The St. Clair Times

Today, on National Adoption Day, thousands of children across the country are finally having their hopes and dreams of a permanent family come true.  Judges, social workers, attorneys, and community members are coming together to be inspired and reminded just how important their work on behalf of children in need of families is.  But, this day is also about the 107,000 children in foster care still waiting to be adopted.

At CCAI, we work to raise awareness about children waiting for families through legislative efforts.  However, no policy that Congress ever passes will make an impact in a child’s life without those of you in the community, stepping forward and saying ‘yes!’ to making a difference in the life of a child.

When you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving meal with friends and family this week, look around the table and ask yourself ‘Do I have room for one more seat that a child in foster care can fill next year?’